A model railway in N gauge

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Before and after. I rerouted the wires through the bottom of the control panel. I managed to only get two wires in the wrong places. Then I added a plywood frontage. I just need to join the frontage with the scenery now.
I finally replaced the trestle bridge on the far side of the layout. I’d used corrugated card as the base, and it was causing a hump. Also the trestle sides were too long. So I went with thin plastic and plate girder sides to replace. Second, […]
When I started, I hadn’t actually planned a backscene, or a cover. Due to the long gaps in working on the layout, I had covered it with an old bed sheet, and when I started working on it more recently, I had started to make a […]
The town is mainly made up of Hornby Lyddle End buildings, the school is Graham Farish, and the workshop is a card kit, all off eBay. Back when I started construction in 2011, I went a bit mad with collecting Lyddle End. I’d made a start […]
The original plan was for the hill to cover most of the right hand side of the layout. But I thought it would be a shame to cover so much of the track, and it may cause problems being able to access the covered track. I […]
After many years under a dust-sheet, I started work again on the layout during the Covid-19 lockdown, inspired by one of our Scouts who had a layout of his own. It’s been an ideal distraction in the autumn months of lockdown. The first thing I did […]
I started building a layout in my teens, but I never got very far with it. Then I started my current layout in 2011. It progressed fairly quickly – I got the baseboard built, all of the track and points laid, control panel built, and I […]