I’ve now finished the dry stone wall around the churchyard, and added some gravestones. The dry […]
I’ve started adding more little details, bringing some life to the layout. I was tempted by […]
The two higher level tracks on the right hand side of the layout were very tight […]
I used the three remaining lights I had to light up platform one – I intend […]
When I first laid the track, I was sloppy and didn’t use my 6ft way gauge […]
I had previously added street lights, but they were the old style grain of wheat bulbs […]
The next little project was a Monkey Bridge over the river, made by the Scouts from […]
Before now, the front edge has been a little on the ugly side – the baseboard […]
Before and after. I rerouted the wires through the bottom of the control panel. I managed […]
I finally replaced the trestle bridge on the far side of the layout. I’d used corrugated […]