Dyffryn-y-Rhyfedd is somewhere in Wales. The backscene is Snowdonia, but the rest is an imagined town somewhere in South Wales, although there’s nothing particularly region-specific in the buildings. It’s an idealised small town, with a range of small, privately owned shops, with just a hint of the modern supermarket.

Equally, the era isn’t overly specific – somewhere between the 1940s and 1980s. There are steam and diesel locos – steam are all GWR, diesel are a mix of GWR and post-nationalisation BR.

It’s been nine years since I started building the layout, and it’s still not finished. I started it, then it hid under a dust sheet for many years, until the Covid-19 lockdown inspired me to start working on it again. To be honest though, I think I’ll still be tinkering with it in another nine years – it’ll never be completely finished.